Surreal Capture

A 360° video capture software for Unreal Engine 4 powered games

How It Works

Surreal Capture is a world first and only generic 360 degree gameplay video capture software for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) powered games. It can capture cool surreal 360 degree video directly from UE4 games in realtime when users are playing games. Surreal Capture does not require any modification to UE4 games.

To capture 360 degree video, you simply launch Surreal Capture software prior to your UE4 games. Once you are in the game and ready to capture 360 degree video, simply press F8 hotkey to start 360 video capturing. And later pressing F8 hotkey again to complete 360 degree video capturing; the 360 degree video will be saved at your user video folder: C:\User\"Your Name"\Video\Surreal Capture.

Surreal Capture currently already supports a lot of UE4 games; more UE4 games will be added shortly. If you are interested in capture 360 degree video from Fortnite game, you can download Surreal Capture software from here.

Below are couple UE4 game Fortnite 360 degree video captured by Surreal Capture software, you can use mouse to drag and browse around when viewing these 360 degree video:

Fortnite 360 degree video capture sample 1       Fortnite 360 degree video capture sample 2

Important tips: because 360 degree capture puts additional heavy load on GPU and your game FPS would be affected significantly, so it is good idea to configure Fortnite game to run on Medium graphic settings.

Surreal Capture is a shareware with 15 days trial period. After 15 day trial period, user needs purchase a license to continue use it.

About Surreal Capture

It was extremely difficult to develop a generic software that can just plug into a game and capture 360 degree video from it. 360 degree video capturing had been a long quest specially after VR booming, many big tech companies like Facebook and Nvidia had tried this before, but their solution would require to modify games source code, which was not realistic and desirable.

Surreal Capture is world first and only software right now that can capture 360 degree video directly from UE4 games in real time without modifying and recompile games.

Surreal Capture deploys a proprietary Spatial Video Capture Engine, which can plug into UE4 games and capture 6 cubic images from it in realtime and compose 360 degree video.

Surreal Capture heavily relies on the video game capturing technologies developed in its brother software D3DGear Game Recording Software. Surreal Capture software actually includes all the D3DGear runtime binaries. Without D3DGear existing capture technology, Surreal Capture software would not be possible.

Here a few more 360 degree video samples captured by using Surreal Capture software:


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